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The Golden Dome Society

The Golden Dome Society was established in 1990 to honor those who have included the University of Saint Joseph in their estate plans. The name comes from the iconic gold dome on top of McDonough Hall, which has been the landmark of the University since its founding. Bequests and other planned gifts strengthen the University's financial future. You are invited to join this esteemed group of USJ supporters listed below. Please contact us about your bequest intention so that we may acknowledge your generosity.

Golden Dome Society Members recognized in our Annual Report July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022

Barbara Dickinson Abbate '62 (SCS)

Kathleen Driscoll Amatangelo '62, DAA'17 (TRUSTEE EMERITA)

Barbara Cowles Bartosik '43

Lorraine Cervero Bauer '69

Susan Harris Behling '84

Judith Blair, M'90

Kathleen Sullivan Boyle '70

Jean Van Raalte Brook '50 (D)

Helen Carone Bucior '50 (D)

Rebecca Caldwell

Kareen and Robert Canora (SCS)

Karen L. Chase '97 (SCS)

Sara F. Cialfi '62

Irene Blake Clark '57, M'78 (SCS)

Paula Duzmati Clutter '68 (SCS)

Mary Louise Cochran '68

Francine A. Coffey '67 (SCS) (D)

Angela B. Conochalla '63 (SCS)

Josephine Madaffari Cormack '54

Nancy Peters Costello, M'88, M'95 (SCS) (D) and Frederick J. Costello (SCS) (D)

Deborah J. Davis '82

Irene and John DeMatteo Jr.

Richard and Janice Beatson Deshais '80, DAA'97

Paula Ballantyne DeSilva '68, DAA'18, Ph.D. and Hema N. DeSilva, M.D.

Angela Corso DiGioia '51

Marie Lanza Dube '65 (SCS)

Mary Rose Fagan Ebner '60

Roselee Barbagallo Fanelli '61, M'66, DAA'11 and Nicholas Fanelli (GD)

Nancy Roesler Ferrero, M'99

Mary Louise O'Loughlin Fitzgerald '59

Beverly Duhamel Fleming '65, M'92

Felicia Forastiere '43 (D)

Meg Whalen Francis '64

Harrison Friestedt (D) and Barbara McCarthy Friestedt '52 (D)

Molly Rees Gavin '71, DAA'11 (SCS) (AMBASSADOR)

Barbara A. Gawle

Edith and E. Clayton Gengras Jr. (TRUSTEE EMERITUS) (SCS)

Cathy Gerstner (SCS)

Susan Gibbens, M'86

Mary Jean Glesmann '62

Rita C. Griswold '61, M'65, J.D. (D)

Carol J. Guardo '61, DAA'80, H'08, Ph.D. (SCS) (AMBASSADOR)

Craig Holch, M'19 (SCS)

Elizabeth M. Horton '51

Carroll Coughlin Hughes '58 (SCS) (D)

Mary Sue Infante (SCS)

Barbara A. Kathe '64, M'67, DAA'94 (FE)

Dorothy Bosch Keller, M'85, C'97, DAA'99, H'17 (SCS) (FE)

Joan M. Kelly '71, D.Min. (SCS)

William T. Kosturko, J.D.

Mary James Krenn '48

Mary Lowery '57, M'63 (SCS)

Lois A. Luddy '75, M'83, DAA'07

Mary Jane Ferreira Lund '66, P'89, P'00

Mary Mahar '82

Susan Marai '99, M'13

James Martin, Ph.D. (SCS)

Helen C. Marut '54 (SCS)

Sally Ann Moylan McGurkin '52 (D)

Pamela M. McVeigh (SCS)

Jeanne B. Merola (SCS) (TRUSTEE)

Gail Cail Millerick '02 (SCS)

Helen T. Molloy (D)

Jo Ann Trafaconda Morris '64 (SCS)

Ann McMurray Murray, M'94

Joyce Narden '67 (SCS)

Maria Obregon, M'74 (SCS)

Vitaline O'Connell O'Toole (SCS) (D)

Mary Drouin Pakulski '88

Karen DePaulo Pasiuk '80

Maggie Pinney '95 (S) and Rees Pinney (SCS)

John Piskor (D)

Faith Furlan Poliquin '60

Barbara Zaremba Quigley '96

Patricia L. Ritchie '83

Marita A. Ryan '50, DAA'84 (SCS) (D)

Jerome (D) and Ann Weinstein Seigel, M'77 (D)

Susan A. Seigle (SCS)

Nellie F. Shepard, C'66

Lynda Sherman '97 (SCS)

Beth A. Smith '86

Mary Ellen Prout Spellacy, M'71

Evelyn Horgan Spina '48

Mary Cedilotte Stephenson '71, M'77

Mary Lehan Sullivan '53

Linda Tagliamonte '72 (SCS)

J. Milburn Thompson, Ph.D. and Mary Ann Thompson, Ph.D. (SCS)

Father Charles J. Topper

Reverend William L. Traxl (D)

Janet Wade, C'71

Rosemary Arcari Wall '69, M'76, DAA'06 and Thomas J. Wall (SCS)

Teresa M. Williams

Christina Centola Wofford '67

Mary Mazur Ziomek '88


C Certificate

D Deceased

DAA Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

F Faculty FE Faculty Emeriti

GP Grandparent GD Golden Dome Society Member

H Honorary Degree Recipient

M Master's

P Parent

S Staff

SCS Saint Catherine Society Member